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Kolonialen is a neighbourhood restaurant with an informal atmosphere and an international feeling. The casual interior makes relaxing with a morning coffee just as inviting as enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner, alone or in good company.

The menu is inspired by the ingredients we like, in the season that they are best. We use our experience in responsible & ethical sourcing to procure the highest quality vegetables, meats and fish that are available. Doing this allows us to cook and serve the best possible food at the best possible price. We also like our wines, and have a carefully selected choice in stock.
Kolonialen is located just in between St.Hanshaugen and Pilestredet. With both bus and tram stops in close proximity it takes only 10 minutes on public transport to and from the city center.

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Mandag - lørdag: 12 - 24

Telefon: +47

Sofiesgate 16, 0170 Oslo