Award winning design meets luxurious quality. Oleana’s ambition is to make beautiful clothes whose appearance and quality mean that people enjoy wearing them. Oleana produces everything in their own factory in Norway, where every part of the production is done under the control of experienced people. Oleana use only natural fibers in its products, wool, silk and alpaca. We are pleased to welcome you to our flagship store in Oslo!

The inspiration for this year's Fall-collection comes from two famous men, both born in the 1860's. The botanical close-up photographs by Karl Blossfeldt from Germany inspired Oleana's designer Solveig Hisdal to new heights. She found the perfect background for the collection at The Vigeland Museum in Oslo with the massive sculptures by the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland.

Oleana was founded in 1992, with the aim of creating new jobs in Norway's textile industry. Most of Western Europe’s production had by that time moved to countries with far cheaper labour, but we wanted to show that it is still possible to produce textiles of good quality in a high-cost country like Norway. We have always tended towards alternative thinking and going against the main-stream.
Oleana is delighted that after 20 years in the market, we continue to grow. As the world changes, we believe that a very positive future lies ahead of us.
People all over the world are becoming more aware of what they buy. By thinking more about the choices we make when we shop, we can share in taking care of our planet. Clothes made from natural fibres,- like wool and silk,- are good environmental choices.
It is becoming more important for us to buy clothing that is produced in a responsible manner. We can no longer accept the humiliating circumstances that many women and children work under in order to produce inexpensive textile products.
Oleana's collection is produced in our own factory in Norway. "Fair made" is a slogan we believe we can take pride in using.

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